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My Wife and I will remember 2014

Karen, my beautiful wife, was diagnosed with HER2+ Breast Cancer; aggressive but we are confident that "With God's Speed - Out Run Breast Cancer"

Master's Track Athletes who competed in 2014 Nationals, Karen and I thank you for wearing the Breast Cancer PIN, please enjoy wearing.

After reviewing my content, I would hope that you visit "Titbits Over the Years" and "My Story - Desk Jockey" if you are considering getting back to an active life style.  I have many gems you can implement and escape the pitfalls of your program with the many common sense issues I struggled to eliminate in mine.

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I will be looking to improve and motivate those interested in over all health and fitness. Therefore, I will be adding a section dedicated to those topics as a one stop shop to the things which I feel may help you on my website. 

 I created this website to share my accomplishments and my story with you.  When you think of the best sprinters in the world and especially track & field, the last thing that comes to mind is some masters athlete who is the shortest, fastest, oldest and a white guy.

2012: World Rankings 100 Meter 9th, 200 Meter 5th and 400 Meter 10th

           American Ranking 100 4th, 200 Meter 2nd and 400 Meter 5th.

Not bad for a Short Old White Guy.  !!!!!

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So What's UP with the Long URL:  Well when you are 5 foot nothing standing 5'5" and you are winning sprint races in track & field, then I guess I should  follow the suggestion of my boss, Dennis MacInnes. One day he said to me, you know you need to build a website called "ShortestFastestOldestWhiteGuyIKnow.com" because you are the "Shortest, Fastest, Oldest, White Guy That I Know!!"  As a side note, I may not always win but I have been the Shortest for sure. No one SHORTER has ever beaten me.